12 May 2008

Creating the Archives

While we are in the process of really getting our family blog going we decided that we would start by creating an archive. Anything posted prior to this are actually back-dated posts from while we've been married. We've pulled content from both of our personal blogs as well as some other sources. We really wanted this to be a fairly accurate record of our married life that we can share with our friends. We'll be posting real updates soon enough!


Makenzie Iorg said...

Britt, I love your blog. Congrats on graduating!!! I'm just thinking back to when I would come over to your house and we would make grilled cheese sandwiches. Haha! You should come visit the baby. Give me a call any time.

Anonymous said...

This blog is foshizzle.

Hansen family = Sweetness

BigE said...

Nah, Zach...you are fo-rizzile!