28 May 2008

Camping in Carpenteria

So we have established a new family tradition, I think. A week before we were married, we went camping on the beach in Carpenteria, CA. We had a blast, and this year was no different.

Now, when you think of camping, you might think hard-core, out in the wilderness, survivor-man type--this is not Carpenteria.

Chopped our own firewood

Scavenging for food

But it really is fun. Our tent was literally 100 feet from the sandy beach. When the weather was particularly nice, we soaked up the sun and played in the ocean. Building sand castles and spending time with family. It was really great! Thanks to all those people who contributed to our camping gear.

Our wedding gifted tent!

Unfortunately, I've come to discover that vacations sometimes aren't really vacations. Life goes on around you, and Brittny and I are still trying to catch up in work and school, etc. Oh well, wish us luck!


Makenzie Iorg said...

Britt- oh, how I miss camping in Carpenteria. You are so lucky!

Lauren and Marcus said...

Brittny!!! Wow, it's been forever! Found your blog through facebook and am so glad I did. It's so fun to keep up with long lost friends. Oh how I miss you! We're in VA right now, but at least we can still keep in touch through the great www!

Jamie said...

Brian and I went camping in Yosemite a few months after we got married. Now, remember, we both camp a lot, but we looked like newbies breaking out the new tent and new sleeping bags, etc.. They were all wedding presents! We should have taken 5 other people for all the stuff we brought. Borrowing for a few more years is a really good idea. We have probably moved the stuff more than used it camping now. :)

Jamie said...

Oh, and happy anniversary (belated)! Has it really been a year for both of us?

amber and cody said...

Literally the BEST place to camp, ever! Glad you guys got to do it and have so much fun, I just wish you didn't have to have moved the night before! At least I'm sure it was a great stress reliever :)