07 October 2008

The results are in!!

We had the ultrasound today! So the polls are closed for guessing what flavor it is, now we know :) Everything looks good with the baby for which we are very grateful. It was really cool to get to actually see this baby! I've been able to feel it a little bit for the past week or so, and so we were super excited to actually see it. We got some pictures which Eric scanned into the computer so we could post them here. See how good you would do as a sonographer!

It was in a very good position for a good profile shot. The sonographer kept commenting what a cute profile it was and how lucky we were!

An arm!

In addition to finding out that our baby is healthy and growing well, we did get to find out the gender. We know we've been really mean to make you wait all the way to the end of the post to find out since that's probably what you were waiting to see! See if you can tell...

It's a Boy!!

Yup, the poll was absolutely wrong about the gender of our baby - we're having a little boy! He was very cooperative and was totally spread eagle. No doubt about what kind of baby that is! We've decided to call him Gerund until he's born, because we really like the name, but we realize how cruel it could be to name our kid that for real. As we discuss more names and settle on other favorites we'll post them and take feedback on them. We're really excited to get to meet our son in February!

For those of you who are interested we've posted the video of the ultrasound on google video. We know it's really long but we figure there are some people who'd really like to see it, and if you don't care... you won't watch it :) You can see it here:


Kristen said...

Congratulation!!!! I am so excited for you guys! Now our little CJ won't be so outnumbered by women at family reunions :) I am glad that he will have a little cousin to play with (as well as baby Kate of course :) Anyway, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Jamie Jo said...

Yeah for little boys. Now you get to be really good at making truck noises...and other sound effects. :)

BTW, totally understand that you aren't really going to use the name Gerund, but I was wondering if you knew that it is actually a label for a part of speech (a verb tense to be exact), not a person name at all. Perhaps you meant Gerald? Either way, so glad you were kidding. :) It would be doubly cruel to call him "Hey, Verb Tense!" (but that is just the English person in me...)

Brittny Hansen said...

Wahoo! I'm excited to make truck noises! And yes, we did know that Gerund is a part of speech - I was a linguistics major after all. It wasn't a typo, in fact, that's why we like it! His name means -ing! It's the perfect name for a little boy, very active, and isn't that what little boys are? We really like it because I do like names that have cool meanings behind them and Gerund would basically be encouraging him to go out and be active in things! But yeah, it would be mean to name him after a part of speech, so it's only his name in utero :)

Jamie Jo said...

Duh! I totally knew you were a linguistics major. Totally don't know why I forgot that momentarily. Glad you knew that your little boy was an "-ing". Must be a really active kicker. :)
So, his ureto name is Ing Hai? I like it!

(oh, and if you must know, I actually looked up Gerund on a babyname site to see what they said. No results, but they recommended Gerko. Guh! I think that is a better name for a lizard, not a baby!)

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Ultrasounds are the coolest thing ever...ESPECIALLY when you find out what you are having. I don't remember what I guessed you were having so I don't know if I was right or not. :) Either way...HOORAY!!

Julie Olson said...

Congrats. Of course he's cute...he's related to me...JUST KIDDING...COMPLETELY!!! And I'll have you know, I was right...your majority in the poll weren't...but I was. :-D

My favorite name is Samuel. Good luck!