13 December 2010

We've Moved...Sites!

  No, not that kind of move.  We still have a couple more weeks until we close on our new house, but we've moved to a new blog address!  http://www.haitechfamily.com.  We decided it was finally time for us to bid adieu to Blogger in favor of a Wordpress installation on our own domain.  There are a few reasons for this move.
  1. We wanted to have more control over what we were able to put on our blog and really make it a full-fledged website, rather than just a simple blog.
  2. We wanted to be able to have private posts that still show up on our RSS feed so when we had information that we really only want our friends to see we can hide it without the pain of being a private blog.  (No offense to our friends who have private blogs, but I hate them because I always forget to go check them.  I totally understand why people do it but they still make me sad inside). 
  3. We wanted to be able to email our blog posts to more than 10 people.  Since my mom and Eric's parents and a few other people like to keep up with our blog via email rather than an RSS feed reader we like being able to have our blog posts automatically emailed to people who would like to have it come that way, without having to ask us to add them to a list and having to be very choosy about who could receive our emails.
  4. We were already paying $10/month for Dreamhost web hosting for Eric's and my personal websites (as well as a few other projects we have), and since we can have unlimited domains hosted on the one account it seemed silly to not have our family website hosted there as well. (By the way, if you're searching for awesome web hosting, we can't recommend Dreamhost highly enough.  We *love* them)
  5. Most importantly, our Blogspot address didn't fit nicely on our Christmas card :)  We bought the domain name back in July so we've been meaning to make this move for awhile, but this was the thing that finally pushed us over the edge to complete the transition.   Kinda dumb, especially since when all was said and done transferring everything took only a couple hours and I really love working with Wordpress, but oh well.
So, lots of different reasons for moving.  If you subscribe to us using a feed reader then you shouldn't have to change anything - the updates will just be coming from a different address now.  But otherwise you probably ought to update your bookmarks and start following us at our new site!

By the way, if you have a blogspot blog and would like to use Wordpress for any of the reasons stated above, but aren't tech savvy enough to host your own installation you can sign up for a Wordpress blog and use it like you use Blogger.  They host blogs at http://www.wordpress.com. And of course, I'm always available to help you set that up if you'd like :)