20 November 2010

Sam's New Food

Yesterday Sam and I were at Costco to pick up a few things.  Of course they had lots of samples out, but I mostly was trying to get in and out as quickly as I could.  However, one sample they had caught my eye - sushi!  I'm a huge fan of California rolls and they had some out on a counter.  I was excited about Costco carrying fresh sushi, and I was pretty hungry, so I stopped to grab a sample.  As soon as I picked it up Sam started saying "rice? rice?", meaning he wanted some of whatever this was that's covered in rice (rice is one of his favorite foods).  I thought it'd be funny to see what he thought of it so I let him try it.  Pretty soon my California roll was all gone and I just got a tiny bite of it!  Since it was a hit with Sam, and I really like sushi, I decided to pick up a box of sushi for us to eat later that night.  He didn't quite attack it at home like he had in Costco unfortunately, but we got some cute pictures of him anyways -
Hooray! Sushi's coming!

Look, it's right inside of there...

How do you get that goodness out of that box and into me?

See dad?  It's not that bad!

I dare you to try to steal my sushi...

This picture in no way reflects my true feelings towards sushi...

But I still managed to get distracted by the dried mango and decided to eat that instead :P

Like I said, he didn't exactly devour it at home like he had at Costco, but it was still pretty cute :)

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Tim said...

I have to admit, even the California roll is a little too chewy for my taste...it just doesn't go down very easily. Funny how kids will try anything at least once at that age. (then comes the refusal to try it if it even SOUNDS unfamiliar)