27 October 2010

House Update - It's more than a hole now!

So I was worried that the weather might have prevented much work from getting done on the house, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that our foundation, basement walls, and window wells have all been filled out! Hopefully we can provide a time lapse of the construction as it progresses. For now, it looks like everything is on track to be finished before Christmas! What a great gift!
Standard view from the front. You can tell most the mounds of dirt have been redistributed and the walls are just poking above ground level.

Garage area

Northeast window well and basement area
Northwest window well and basement. Looks like plumbing is all set up as well.
View from the back.


Jamie Jo said...

So exciting! Which housing tract are you going to be in, again? I wanted to look up the floor plans online and see which one you're getting. I am a closet floor-plan fan. Really. Can't get enough of them. Weird, I know....

Steffy said...

Did you guys take those pics while we were with you yesterday?? I didn't even see you do it! You have serious ninja skills.